Safety Solutions

To meet demand for added protection for houses, townhouses and apartments, Bradnam’s platform window and door offer can be augmented to provide a higher level of safety than ordinary windows and doors.

Flexibility by design
Most solutions involving increased levels of safety mean compromising on the design and aesthetic of windows and doors – not with Bradnam’s Safety Smart Solutions.

The products provide a high level of design flexibility. Windows and doors are available in expansive sizes and lifestyle configurations, with modern hardware and beautiful frame colours. Customers can have added protection without compromising the look that they want.

Interior protection
Bradnam’s Safety Smart Solutions offer much more than strong protection from forced entry. They also provide protection from harmful ultra violet light (UV). The safety interlayer within the high performance glazing can screen out a large percentage of UV light from passing through the glass – reducing the fading of furniture, curtains and carpet.

safety windows doors

safety windows doors