Sound Smart

Whether you are living near a busy road and have difficulty blocking out the sound of traffic, or just want more privacy in your home, there is an answer to noise pollution.

Ordinary windows and doors do little to reduce noise. Noise can travel through windows and doors in a variety of ways.

To reduce neighbourhood, traffic and other external noise from entering your home, consider using Sound Smart™ products.

Bradnam’s have worked closely with acoustic engineers to extensively test and develop Sound Smart™ products.

Frame design, seal type and glass type all play a part in reducing noise transmission.

Frame Design
The frames of Sound Smart™ windows and doors have been designed to accommodate different type of acoustic seals and glazing options.

High Performance Seals
If a window or door is not well sealed, noise will find a way to get through. Sound Smart™ products use superior acoustic seals in order to block air gaps and reduce vibration of the glass and frame, ensuring that noise is kept on the outside.

High Performance Glazing
High performance glass blocks sound both by reflecting noise back towards the source, and absorbing sound energy within the glass. The amount of noise reflected and absorbed can vary depending on the type of high performance glass.

acoustic windows doors

acoustic windows doors

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